Awning Repairs

Do you know that awning manufacturers recommend that your awning is regularly professionally service and cleaned?
If you would like us to carry out a service this is what we cover:

Service details


We visit you to carry out a site inspection

Test and tighten wall fixings if they are exposed, as these can come loose if the awning is left out in windy conditions.

Retaining Bolts

Test and tighten all retaining bolts that hold the awning on to the wall/eaves fixing brackets.

Weather Hood

Test and tighten all weather hood and cassette casing fixings.

External Metal Casing

Wash and clean the awnings external metal casing and if it has a built in rain gully this is cleared out.

Further Services Details


Rusty Screws

Replace or paint any rusty screws.

Metal Brackets

If any metal brackets have peeled paintwork we will clean then and apply a suitable metal paint. Please note colours are limited and colour matching is not always possible.


Lubricating relevant moving parts along with pivot connectors where the arms attach to the front rail, mechanical wind locks, springs and chains inside the arms.

Testing Motors

Test the motors working as it should be either by remote control or on our test lead. If your awning is behaving oddly we can reset it and programme it to run as it was intended to. If the awning has a manual gear system this is checked and lubricated.

Other Services Details

Check the awnings inward and outward limits are correct and adjust them if not. If your awning is closing away fully or not extending out fully this will rectify the problem in most cases.

Levelling the awning or adjusting the pitch up or down if required, a steep pitch is better for rain dispersal and wind stability.

Adjust arms in they have become unaligned.

Covers that have rolled away creased up can be rolled out and straightened up, then rerolled.

Confirm what replacement parts are required if any and advise accordingly.

Small holes

The cost to carry out the service is price on application.

Cover Cleaning Service

Our method of cleaning is as follows:



We ask you to inspect with our installers and note any such defects/problems before we begin the job.


Brush and Vacuum

The first stage of cleaning the cover/valance is to brush of any lose dirt then vacuum the cover/valance to pull out any dirt particles.



We spray the fabric with a commercial quality chemical solution that is designed specifically for awning materials. Then let 5 to 10 minutes dwell time depending on the soiling and strength of the chemical.



Agitate fabric with a brush cleaning from the bottom up 1.2m wide at a time, soaking one 1.2m while scrubbing the other, then immediately rinse off.The fabric is kept wet until both scrubbing and rinsing are complete. The underside of the fabric is not scrubbed but the awning frame work is scrubbed from left to right, top to bottom letting the water run downhill.

Further Cleaning Services


Clay Bar Framework

Why clay? Have you ever ran your hand across the surface of your awning and it felt like sandpaper? Then it's time to clay bar as it creates a smooth as glass, mirror-like finish on all paintwork, fibreglass and metal surfaces, and increases the depth of shine when waxing or polishing.
Every minute of every day, awning paintwork is under attack from harmful surface contaminants such as tree sap, surface oxidation, bug residue, algae, birds waste, industrial fallout, and other common paint contaminants.


The cover is rinsed as we clean and then after the awning has been scrubbed. Rinsing is extremely important because we have to make sure no detergent residue is left on the fabric.We use a wet and dry vacuum to extract and hard to get to stains as this helps to prevent the dirt particles rising back to the top of the material once the cover is dry.
Frequency of cleaning is very important. The longer the period between the cleaning, the more difficult the cleaning will be. Resulting in a stronger dilution of chemical being used and a longer dwell time on the fabric and more aggressive physical scrubbing with a brush.
Regular cleaning improves the appearance by helping to restoring the original colour, while at the same time slowing permanent damage that may be caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Fabric and canvas materials may also be permanently stained or discoloured by atmospheric and natural residues that settle from polluted skies.
We DO NOT recommend that a high pressure jet washer is used to clean awning fabric, as it is possible to split seams and force dirt deep in to the fabric, causing permanent damage. Our LOW pressure cleaner works with a 40 degree spray wand that provides less pressure and acts as a cleaner rather than a blaster.

Final Cleaning Service Details


Wax creates a super-shinny and smooth surface to all awning paint finishes, Semi gloss, full gloss and metallic finishes all benefit from wax. The slippery surface helps to protect the paintwork by inhibiting dirt and grime from sticking to and damaging the paintwork.

Sealing the fabric

The last part of the cleaning process is to apply a spray on fabric sealant. The sealant will waterproof the fabric and help to keep the fabric looking nicer for longer.

A top tip is to make sure you don’t close away your awning soaking wet for long periods of time. Always make sure that the awning material has air dried before the awning is closed away.

Hosing a Awning Down


“We have had our awning for over 10 years and in that time we have had it recovered once by SBI and since then we have our awning cleaned and serviced each year. The awning is part of our home and we pride ourselves on a clean and tidy home. SBI provide us with a prompt and professional service and I would highly recommend them.”

Ms Nash, Battle, East SussexHighly Recommend Them

Recovering service

Manufacture new made to measure commercial quality Teflon coated cover and valance. If your awning needs signage to the main cover and or valance, we can take care of this for you.

Price on application for sign writing and a proof will be provided.

Professionally remove your old cover and valance, dispose of the old materials (we are licensed waste carriers). Recover your awning and fit the new valance. The price depends on what material you want the cover and or valance made from.

To view Docril acrylic awning covers click here.

The combination of the service and having the awning cleaned or recovered will give it a new lease of life and it will improve the look of your home/business.

We can maintain your awning in the future and are happy to offer you a maintenance plan to protect your awning for years to come. 


We can supply and fit awning motors, replacement remote controls, replace damaged and broken arms, receivers, sun and wind sensors. If you have a Thomas Sanderson awning we can source parts for the following awning models, Monaco, Monaco Nightline, Sorrento, Milano, Milano Grande, Roma, Seville, Geneva, Geneva Lumiere, Geneva Aqualine, Geneva Horizon. We can also obtain replacement parts for Markilux, Weinor, Verano, Arquati, Gibus, Primrose and Fridgerio awnings.

Optional Extras

We can supply and install pull out wind breakers/side screens, infra red wall mounted heaters, spot lighting bars, extra remote controls, replacement gear boxes/motors and we can also remove and reinstall your awning if you move from your existing property.

If you don’t have the original paperwork with your awning and are unsure what make or model you have. Please email with a side picture of the awning and a picture of the wall switch or remote control.

Below is an example of the picture we would need to help identify the model. When the awning is closed one of our experienced team will study the case and front rail to determine what model you have.

If you have any questions or would like us to carry out the work please call us for more information today on 0808 1892 012.

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